Domeniconi, Piazzolla and Bogdanovic

Domeniconi, Piazzolla and Bogdanovic

Montenegrin Music Centre

Ástor Piazzolla: Tango Suite

1. Deciso (Tango No. 1)
2. Andante (Tango No. 2)
3. Allegro (Tango No. 3)

Carlo Domeniconi: Circus Music op. 54a for 2 guitars
4. The Argentine Knife Thrower
5. Spanish Riders on Greek Horses
6. The Wax Museum
7. The Duck Race
8. Plik, the Flea of the Andes
9. The Ural Magic Voice and the Don Cossaks
10. The Fire Brigade “On Ice”
11. The Yogi who Dissappears through the Key Hole
12. The Orchestra Says Good-Bye

Dusan Bogdanovic: Sonata Fantasia for 2 guitars
13. Allegro ritmico
14. Adagio, rubato
15. Allegro molto