Audio Video Club of Atlanta, Phil Muse

“The scintillating performances by Krivokapić and Cerović capture the living spirit of Bach’s dance-inflected music without any fussiness, so that they seem as vital today as when Bach first wrote them.”

David’s Review Corner, David Denton

“Bach has always come in many shapes and sizes, and now we have the first three English Suites —the others are scheduled to follow— in guitar duo arrangements. It is the work of the performers on this highly attractive release who remain true to the spirit of the original keyboard score, with much of the writing to remain untouched, while the textures created come close to that of a harpsichord. The work’s title is misleading, as these are French influenced scores imbued with the stately dance of the 18th century, its name arising, in all probability, from the visit of an English man who received the score from Bach. It is not overly difficult music to perform on the keyboard, though the fast movements, such the Prelude to the Second and Third Suites, will test virtuoso guitarists as notes whizz past at a mercurial speed.”

“Indeed the performances as a whole buzz with vivacity, and though there is a sense of interplay between instruments, the integration of the Montenegrins is so perfect you often have the feeling that just one performer is involved. Individually they have been multi-award winners, their coming together having inspired many contemporary works to be written for them. To place their immaculate performances on disc, they travelled to Canada to work with the world’s top guitar recording team.The result is an essential purchase for guitar buffs, and equally for those wishing to enjoy refreshingly new Bach perspectives.”

Dušan Bogdanović – composer

“The Krivokapić and Cerović guitar duo (Montenegrin Guitar Duo) is an exceptional guitar ensemble. These outstanding artists play my Sonata Fantasia with a deep understanding of the text and have impeccably captured the spirit of my music with a great sense of drama and temperament. I am sure other composers would be thrilled and honored to have such a brilliant representation of their work. Bravo!”