Interview for Classical Guitar Magazine

Interview for Classical Guitar Magazine

In the Winter 2017 edition of Classical Guitar Magazine – just out – you can read the Aquarelle Guitar Quartet‘s recent, and very extensive, discussion with Thérèse Saba. She asks the group about their career to date and the thinking behind their selection of music for their latest Chandos recording, ‘Aspects‘.

You can read the full interview on pages 48 to 52 of the Winter 2017 Magazine, and here is a taster:

CG: Aspects also has a piece by another of my heroes, Chris Thile, the American mandolinist—“ Flippen (The Flip)/Soon or Never,” credited to Swedish composer Mikael Marin and Thile’s Punch Brothers group.
RUSSELL: Chris Thile is just a brilliant musician! The precision of his playing and how well thought-out everything is—no matter what style he plays, he is successful.
BAKER: Vasilis was the first one of us to discover Chris Thile and the mandolin music he was producing. He has been in many different bands and has collaborated with many musicians, such as the cellist Yo-Yo Ma and the bass player Edgar Meyer. His band, the Punch Brothers, plays such progressive bluegrass music; it’s like nothing I’d ever heard before. “Flippen (The Flip)” from the Punch Brothers CD Who’s Feeling Young Now? just struck me as a fantastic piece of music. I knew before bringing it to the rehearsal that the guys would like it.
JERVIS: When Mike first brought that piece to rehearsal, we all looked at him and thought he was rather crazy for suggesting that we could play something quite so fast and high. Obviously, we’re playing without a plectrum and also, to replicate the high notes of the mandolin, we are right up on the upper frets of the guitar. We’re hanging on for dear life, trying to get these little sections of music played, which pass among us very quickly, especially in the opening. It’s very, very quick; if you blink, you miss it!

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