Aurora Orchestra’s Prom on BBC 4 tonight at 7pm

Aurora Orchestra’s Prom on BBC 4 tonight at 7pm

If you weren’t at the Royal Albert Hall to witness Aurora orchestra’s Prom last Sunday, you can watch in on BBC 4 this evening at 7pm. We urge you to do so, or to watch it via the BBC iPlayer over the next 30 days.

Their concert included a memorised performance of Beethoven’s ‘Pastoral’ Symphony, and to quote the Aurora Orchestra:

“preparing for the performance was one of the most rewarding and challenging musical journeys which the orchestra has ever undertaken, and we couldn’t be more thrilled that the response to the concert has been so resoundingly positive.”

You can find a summary of the press  reviews here.

Timothy Orpen, who is currently performing at the Lake District Summer Music Festival with the Kuss Quartet (last night) and with Levon Chilingirian and Andrew Brownell (tomorrow),  is Aurora’s Principal Clarinet.

Photo credit: BBC and Chris Christodoulou