‘Soon or Never’ from Chandos CD ‘Aspects’ to be played on BBC Radio 2

‘Soon or Never’ from Chandos CD ‘Aspects’ to be played on BBC Radio 2

In the booklet notes for their latest CD ‘Aspects‘ the Aquarelle Guitar Quartet explain that the coming together of two pieces, Flippen (the Flip) and Soon or Never, happened almost by accident.

We have been huge fans of the American virtuoso mandolin player Chris Thile for many years now and especially of his progressive bluegrass band, Punch Brothers. Listening to their CD, ‘Who’s Feeling Young Now’, we were struck by their dynamic performance of the fantastically energetic piece ‘Flippen’.

On discovering that it was actually written by the Swedish violinist Mikael Marin for his three-piece folk band “Väsen”, Mike wanted to make an arrangement for us which would unite Väsen’s and Punch Brothers’ interpretations and he set out to find a middle section that would unite the two bands’ work. The Punch Brothers’ song ‘Soon or Never’, discovered on the same CD, leant itself perfectly to the task. It is beautifully lyrical and a stark contrast to the high-octane Flippen which is heard in the outer sections of this arrangement (opening: Punch Brothers | closing: Väsen.)

You can hear ‘Soon or Never’ on Mark Radcliffe’s programme via the iplayer at 52m 31 s and all three tracks are on the quartet’s Chandos CD ‘Aspects’

This episode of The Folk Show with Mark Radcliffe will be available for 30 days via the BBC iplayer