Take a look through this fantastic collection of CDs, all recorded by the musicians on the Tashmina Artists roster. Click on a recording to read the reviews and more. Latest releases are shown first, and you will find the agency artist and release date under each CD.

Bernhard Scholz and Josef Rheinberger
Orchid Classics – ORC100084

Huw Wiggin (saxophone) and John Lenehan (piano)

with Oliver Wass (harp)

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Naxos Montenegrin Guitar Duo Bach English Suites II CD Cover
Coke Hyperion
Contrast Impressions of Hungary

Champs Hill Records, CHRCD132

Robert Plane (clarinet) is joined by Lucy Gould (violin), David Adams (viola), Alice Neary (cello), Alec Frank-Gemmill (horn) and Benjamin Frith (piano)

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Flux - Ferio Saxophone Quartet - Chandos Records
Triptych - Monte Piano Trio
Pianist Hiroaki Takenouchi - Sterndale Bennett and Schumann
Warp and Weft, EMR CD043
Enescu Works for Violin and Piano on Champs Hill Records - Rowland Kudritskaya Duo