A source of pleasure for all lovers of good music

A source of pleasure for all lovers of good music

Musique pour tous, Quebec – Philippe Adelfang

It is always a pleasure to be able to write about the Aquarelle quartet and its arrangements of pieces for 4 guitars.  In this new album, there are some wonderful surprises, for example a piece by a member of the LAGQ quartet: Quiccan, where one can see the group’s mastery of the technical abilities this piece requires.

The classical virtuosity of the group shows in the arrangement of the famous overture L’italiana in Algeri, a piece which always makes one smile to realise that our Rossini is more current than one thinks; sometimes a change in timbre is all that is needed.

There are equally beautiful interpretations of Danzas Argentinas op.2 by Ginastera, followed by a breathtaking Cumba-Quin by Carlos Rafael Rivera.

To finish, there is a series of American pieces, each one more beautiful than the next: a taste of jazz in Stairs by David Pritchard, the kaleidoscope of colours in Opals by Phillip Houghton and the bluegrass of the Punch Brothers. The recording closes with the sentimental revelation of Elegy, a work by John Brunning composed for the group at the request of one of the musicians: Vasilis Bessas.

A beautiful new CD by Chandos, superbly recorded as ever, and a source of pleasure for all lovers of good music.