The trio has reached the front row level in their field  – 5 Stars

The trio has reached the front row level in their field – 5 Stars

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“From a Tender Age” indeed: Shostakovich was 17 years old when he wrote his refined and melancholic piano trio nr. 1, Rachmaninoff was 18 when he composed his mournful Trio Elegiaque and Mahler wrote his remarkably painful piano quartet when he was just 16 years old. Teenage music indeed, however, in each case, it is full of artistic maturity and much more.

The music is characterized by an emotional vulnerability which is extremely well portrayed by Monte Piano Trio.

Within a short time since their formation at the Musikhochschule in Frankfurt, the trio has reached the front row level in their field with their profound, refined and highly structured way of playing. With their energetic yet analytical approach, they succeed in creating an admirable balance which is why the youthful fragility of the pieces is safe in their hands. Their interpretation is neither overly sentimental nor is it ever overpowering or superficial. Monte Piano Trio leaves the space for the emotions and feelings of the composers to come through the way they deserve: the unprecedented tenderness and reverie of Shostakovich, the lyrical melancholy of Rachmaninoff, the gloom and sparkle of „Deux Pieces en Trio“ that Lili Boulanger wrote just before her untimely death. The pieces are presented in such a loving and varied way that they are not merely works “from a tender age” but, above all, a wonderfully tender and searching musical experience.