The outstanding musicians of Monte Piano Trio

The outstanding musicians of Monte Piano Trio

Rondo Magazine, Michael Wersin

We did not think that Rachmaninoff´s Trio Elegiaque can begin so softly. The CD player is running,  seconds go by and just as one begins to think there is an error, delicate string sounds begin to disolve directly from the silence… an effect which is representative of the special atmosphere of this CD. From the silence of forgotten music immerse two trio pieces by Lili Boulanger and the Fantasy Trio by John Ireland; even Mahler´s piano quartet has not been widely performed………

All the pieces gathered here originated in the “ tender age“ of their composers and they show the spirit of change which is present in each work, in its own individual style.

Perhaps the veil of melancholy which is perceived throughout the CD is a projection of the composers´ future lives. It perhaps testifies to an early premonition of the artistic consciousness of these masters who were able to acknowledge and embrace a troubled future.

The outstanding musicians of Monte Piano Trio capture in an extraordinary way the soul of these wonderful pieces; they delight their listeners with insightful, vivid and highly structured interpretations which also exhibit a perfect technical mastery.

Long live chamber music!