Bach English Suites Vol II

Bach English Suites Vol II

Naxos, 8.573476

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[8.573676] Bach English Suites (Montenegrin Guitar Duo)

The versatility of the suite form proved well suited to Johann Sebastian Bach in his instrumental works, and the English Suites are no exception. These are distinct from Bach’s other suites with their quasi-improvisatory opening Preludes, and further movements encompassing a wide range of moods and styles from lively dances to the pensive intensity of the slow Sarabandes. Listen to the @MONTENEGRIN GUITAR DUO’s unique take on these suites.

Posted by Naxos on Wednesday, 16 May 2018


English Suite No. 4 in F Major, BWV 809 (arr. Montenegrin Guitar Duo for 2 guitars)
1. I. Prélude
2. II. Allemande
3. III. Courante
4. IV. Sarabande
5. V. Menuet I – II
6. VI. Gigue

English Suite No. 5 in E Minor, BWV 810 (arr. Montenegrin Guitar Duo for 2 guitars)
7. I. Prélude
8. II. Allemande
9. III. Courante
10.IV. Sarabande
11.V. Passepied I – II
12.VI. Gigue

English Suite No. 6 in D Minor, BWV 811 (arr. Montenegrin Guitar Duo for 2 guitars)
13. I. Prélude
14. II. Allemande
15. III. Courante
16. IV. Sarabande
17. IV. Double
18. V. Gavotte I – II
19. VI. Gigue